Non-QM /  Non-Prime

A Non-QM loan is a mortgage that doesn't meet the criteria set by government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Unlike traditional mortgages, Non-QM loans offer more flexibility in terms of borrower qualifications. They cater to individuals with unique financial situations who may not fit the strict guidelines of conventional loans.

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    Non-Prime loans are a subset of Non-QM loans, specifically designed for borrowers who may not qualify for prime loans due to credit challenges.

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      Below are some of the types of Non-QM products we offer.

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      Bank Statement Loans

      Ideal for self-employed individuals who may have variable income. Instead of traditional income documentation, lenders review bank statements.

      Asset Depletion Loans

      Considers a borrower's assets as a source of income. Lenders calculate a monthly income based on the borrower's total assets.

      Stated Income/Stated Asset (SISA) Loans

      Borrowers state their income and assets without providing traditional verification. These are often used by those with complex income structures.

      Fix and Flip Loans

      Short-term loans for real estate investors purchasing and renovating properties with the intention of selling them quickly.

      Alternative Documentation Loans

      Offers flexibility in documenting income, employment, or assets. This is useful for those with unconventional income sources.

      Foreign National Loans

      Tailored for non-U.S. citizens without a traditional U.S. credit history or income documentation.started