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Introducing Mortgage Coin!  

A Crypto Loyalty Reward Program

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Mortgage (MTG) 

A Reward Token for the Mortgage, Real Estate and Housing Industries.

The Colorado Mortgage Team 

has partnered with 

Mortgage (MTG) Crypto 

to provide Mortgage Coin 

to the marketplace as a 

loyalty program in the 

form of Crypto Rewards 

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Mortgage Coin can be traded in during a transaction for discounts on expenses like appraisals or processing.  It could also cover the cost of items such as Home Inspections or Home Warranties. Upon funding these expense / costs are reimbursed to the consumer in exchange for a mortgage coin valued at up to $500 per transaction.

Outside of a transaction consumers can exchange Mortgage Coin for services such as credit reviews with a full tri merge credit report (consumer copy) and merchandise like t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats and other company swag.

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Mortgage Coin Rewards

Upon earning or winning Mortgage Coin, consumers will have the option to either take possesion of the crypto currency Mortgage (MTG) Coin in a compatible wallet that they have opened or receive a physical mortgage token in it's place.  Both will have a value of up to $500 when traded in either before or during a transaction towards services, expenses or merchandise.

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