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Introducing Mortgage Coin!  

A Crypto Loyalty Reward Program

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Mortgage (MTG) 

A Reward Token for the Mortgage, Real Estate and Housing Industries.

The Colorado Mortgage Team has partnered with Mortgage Crypto (MTG) to provide Mortgage Coin a Crypto Loyalty Reward Program tailored to fit your lifestyle and interests.  

Flexible Reward Options To Suit Everyone:  We understand that the world of cryptocurrency might be new to some, which is why we're offering flexible options to receive your rewards

Digitally (Crypto): Embrace the future by receiving Mortgage Coin directly into a compatible digital wallet.

Physically (Coin): Prefer something you can hold? Opt for a physical Mortgage Coin, embodying the value of your rewards in a tangible form.

Virtually: Not quite ready for Crypto? No problem. We offer virtual rewards that can be applied to services, discounts, and more, ensuring everyone can benefit regardless of your comfort level with cryptocurrency.

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One Mortgage Coin in any of the three forms provides up to $500 in value when redeemed with The Colorado Mortgage Team. This flexibility ensures that all can benefit from earning rewards in the way that best suits their needs and preferences.

Transaction Discounts: Leverage Mortgage Coin for discounts on critical expenses such as appraisals, processing fees, home inspections and home warranties. Upon a transaction's funding, these expenses are reimbursed up to $500 per transaction in exchange for a Mortgage Coin.

Outside of a transaction Mortgage Coin can be exchanged for a suite of exclusive services, such as a comprehensive credit review with a full tri-merge credit report provided (consumer copy).  Additionally, Mortgage Coin can be exchanged for exclusive company merchandise, including branded apparel and accessories.

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Mortgage Coin Rewards

What's Next?  Over the coming days, weeks, and months, we will be rolling out more information and details about the program, including:

How to Earn: Detailed guides on how you can start earning Mortgage Coin.

Contests and Challenges: Opportunities for you to win Mortgage Coin.

 Exclusive Insider Tips: Stay tuned for insider information on making the most out of Mortgage Coin.

Upon registering, you will receive your very own Mortgage Coin Rewards Portal within The Colorado Mortgage Team's back office giving you exclusive access to not only your rewards but also our full suite of insider services including dirtect access to us.  Each portal is equipped with a personalized dashboard allowing you to receive the latest updates, track your rewards progress, and get exclusive offers tailored just for you.  You will also gain access to tools such as mortgage calculators, document management, preapproval requests, application tracking, refinance and purchase analysis, property insights, a contact directory, chat support, and educational resources all housed within your personalized dashboard.

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