USDA Purchase Loans

USDA loans are designed to help individuals and families who are not eligible for conventional financing, and who do not exceed moderate income levels, purchase new or existing dwellings for use as a primary residence in rural areas.

Colorado USDA Mortgages Have No Down Payment Requirement!  100% Financing

In the past, Colorado USDA mortgage loans were considered "farm loans", mostly used to purchase properties in agricultural areas. That is not the case with today's eligible areas which are communities under 10,000 in population and rural in character.  Colorado properties all over the state, even just outside major metropolitan areas can be purchased with a zero-down, Colorado USDA mortgage loan today.

A Colorado USDA mortgage loan provides a low-cost insured home mortgage loan that can suit a variety of options. If you're unsure about your credit rating, or have concerns about a down payment, a Colorado USDA mortgage loan can give you piece of mind with low closing costs and flexible payment options.

Top 5 Reasons to choose a Colorado USDA Mortgage Loan

1.  No Down Payment! 100% Financing!

2.  Flexible credit guidelines down to a 620 credit score

3.  Allows you to roll in closing costs if the appraised value is above the purchase price.

4.  Very low mortgage insurance costs

5.  Purchase a new or existing 1 unit primary residence in rural areas

Property Location Eligibility

Have a property you are interested in?  You can search a homes address to determine if the location is eligibile for Colorado USDA home financing here!

Borrower Income Eligibility

Applicants for loans may have an income of up to 115% of the median income for the area.

Maximum USDA Guaranteed Loan income limits for your area can be found here! 

Maximum USDA Direct Loan income limits for your area can be found here! 

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