FHA Purchase Loans

Colorado FHA loans are one of our most popular Colorado loan options especially in Denver Colorado.  FHA loans offer some of the most lenient credit guidelines, low down payment options and some of the lowest interest rates of any program out there.

Colorado FHA loans are extremely flexible letting you purchase a property with as little as $1,000 down utilizing Grants and Down Payment Assistance (DPA).  First time homebuyers can even take advantage of lucrative Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC).

Ask us about our 203k programs, which allow you to roll repair costs into your loan when purchasing or refinancing in Colorado.


Top 5 things we love about Colorado FHA Purchase loans in Denver and beyond


1.  Purchase a home with $1,000 down utilizing Grants and DPA Programs

2.  Purchase a 1-4 unit property with just 3.5% down (Primary Residence)

3.  Loan options down to a 580 credit score

4.  Flexible credit guidelines for those of us with a blemished credit history  

5.  Assumptions – when you sell your home the new buyer can take over the loan at the same rate, subject to loan approval.  This can be a huge selling feature in the future if rates are higher


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